About Us

Green Edge has been providing green building design and construction services in Central Colorado since 2005.  Using a design-solutions approach, we offer an array of architectural and site specific design and construction services. 

Design Intent and Process

We believe that green design starts with the intent to create unique living and working spaces that reflect your environmental values, inspire your life, and foster your health and well being. To that end, we start by designing with nature, taking advantage of site features and solar orientation and then integrating the building to the site.  

We believe that human habitats should be a means to connect people to nature in a meaningful and interactive way.  

We believe that the optimal architectural design-solution should be based on the environmental conditions of your site, solid building science, your project budget and specific program needs that reflect how you truly want to live in the space.  

All of our designs incorporate passive solar heating and cooling, high energy efficient envelope systems, and durable green building materials and finishes. 

We believe in honest architecture devoid of false facades or tacked on features.  Our buildings are simple, yet elegant and dignified expressions at the intersection of art and function.  If you can dream it, we can design it.